2024 NBA mock draft: Early look at Bronny James, Matas Buzelis and more


With the end of 2023 season draft, 2024 mock draft have been announced. Although it is a bit early to make any predictions regarding the team players but all of the likely predictions will be given in the following article. Bronny James, Matas, and Ron Holland are the talk of the town players. Without further ado, let’s dive into the 2024 mock draft.
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1. Matas Buzelis

Although lately Matas was offered Kentucky and Duke however, he chose G league over them. Moreover, with his athletic abilities and an incredible strategic power to tackle and attack will benefit the entire team.  

2. Zaccharie Risacher

To help Victor Wembanyama, this year Risacher has been added to support and complement his game. Not only is he an effortless shooter but his size for the wing further boosts his game. Moreover, with his exceptional passing capabilities, he can easily give opponent a tough time. 

3. Aaron Bradshaw 

Bradshaw was in the top 5 picks of 2023 season. Moreover, with his 7-foot size and supporting players like Jabari Smith, and Jalen Green, he can make an impact on the opposite team on day one. 

4. Aday Mara 

Although Aday Mara’s size depicts that he strong with his defensive line, it is yet to be decided that whether he will be playing for UCLA this winter. On the other hand, Hornets do have a backup plan focusing on Mark Williams, but Aday Mara will prove to be a better option as he requires less training. 

5. Ron Holland 

Ron Holland was among the number one picks in 2023 season. Moreover, he has the abilities to be a two-way player in the next match with his tackling techniques. 

6. Isaiah Collier 

Isaiah Collier is also known as the Co-MVP. He is one of the youngest players with exceptional offensive side. In order to create massive impact in future, Orlando’s need to make wise use of Collier with Anthony, and Markelle Fultz. 

7. Donovan Clingan 

Donovan Clingan is 2024 pick in the NBA mock. In order to improve his fisherman season style, he still needs to work on his game. It will be interesting to see what does the future looks like for the Pacers. 

8. Tyrese Proctor 

Washington Wizards should use Tyrese Proctor to uplift their defensive side as he has already proved himself on the floor. Moreover, he has improved his shooting abilities up to thirty-eight person since the freshman season. 

9. Justin Edwards 

Although Justin Edwards was a third pick in the NBA draft 2023, his average defensive line could be used to improve the team’s performance with the help of Utah. 

10. Bobi Klintman

Bobi Klintman was one of the draft picks in 2023 season. In 2024, he has likely chances to be in one of the first picks due to his shooting range. Moreover, there is an assumption by the team that he will be a better player in his sophomore year. 

11. Ja’Walter

Ja’Walter is a high scoring two guard who needs to enhance his game in other dimensions in order to beat his freshman season’s performance with Baylor. 

12. Stephon Castle

Stephon Castle is one of the most dynamic players in Oklahoma City. In 2024 season, he will perhaps take leading charge of the team for defensive, as well as offensive lines. 

13. Bronny James 

Many critics and fans are guessing that Bronny James will definitely be a part of the NBA mock 2024 due to his father. However, his freshman year with Trojans also proves that he will be the right choice for next year’s season. 

14. Jared McCain 

Jared McCain has an average range game with his abilities as an offense. There are high chances that he will become a lottery pick in the NBA 2024 draft.

2024 NBA mock draft: Non-lottery picks

15. Minnesota Timberwolves: Mackenzie Mgbako
16. Houston Rockets:  Alexandros Samodurav 
17. Atlanta Hawks: D.J. Wagner 
18. Oklahoma City Thunder: Kyle Filipowski
19. Cleveland Cavaliers: Omaha Biliew
20. Memphis Grizzlies: Cody Williams
21. Milwaukee Bucks : Xavier Booker
22. Atlanta Hawks: Mark Williams
23. Memphis Grizzlies: Elmarko Jackson
24. Phoenix Suns: Dillon Mitchel