Damian Lillard trade: The most realistic offer 5 teams linked to Star can make


NBA fans should gear up this season as Damian Lillard's trade is around the corner. It will be even more intriguing for the audience to know that he will no longer be a part of any training sessions which concern the Trail Blazers. Rather Damian wants to be traded with Miami Dolphins this season. In order to stay connected with every update of the teams linked with Lillard in trade discussions, keep following NBA streams. NBA streams provide comprehensive coverage of real-time information about a close analysis of the offers being made to Damian Lillard.

1. Miami Heat pick up Tyler Herro as a focal player

The Trail Blazers are very smartly trying to add on the remaining years of Jusuf Nurkic's contract in order to trade with Damian Lillard. On the contrary, Miami Heat might have to send him to another team on the basis of his expiring contract. If they are successful in doing so, it will save them thirty-three million dollars in the next three years. Besides, in the larger picture, Miami will add to the key players in the NBA, the other being Tyler Herro. He will be a boon for Miami as can be used for several assets.

2. Brooklyn Nets offers up Ben Simmons

Brooklyn Nets are facing a tough call due to their manager, Sean Mark. He was unable to crack a deal with Mikal Bridges. However, fans need not worry because Brooklyn Nets are likely to offer Lillard a breakthrough trade. Moreover, they have already selected two picks which include one of the best fresh players, Nic Claxton. It will be interesting to see if they can get on board with Lillard.

3. Boston Celtics end up with Jaylen Brown

The lack of resources to offer Damian Lillard to the Boston Celtics makes it challenging for the team to acquire the star alongside Jayson Tatum. However, in case there is a replacement of Jayson with Jaylen there might be a little ray of hope for the team. On the other hand, one thing is for sure President Brad Stevens is putting his all efforts in order to pursue Damian Lillard. In that case, Boston Celtics also add up to the second pick of the round along with Kristaps Porzingis.

4. Golden State Warriors uses Chris Paul

Golden State Warriors face several implications when it comes to trader offer with Lillard. To begin with, Chris Paul is unlikely to be traded with any team until September. Moreover, they need to work on a long-term plan which serves best in their interest despite Lillards wish to go back to his native Bay area. Along with the raw forward talent, Kuminga Warriors need to work on the next draft picks diligently.

5. Philadelphia 76ers trade with Damian Lillard

It is a fair deal for the Philadelphia 76ers to prioritize James Harden prior to sending a trade request to Lillard. Although it is interesting that Daryl Morey, the head refuses to grant Maxey an extension this season. In this situation, Maxey is hand down the best choice to trade with any team. Despite being only twenty-two years old, he has averaged 20.4 points and forty-three percent of long-distance shooting in the season.