NBA Draft classes that have won the most championships over the past 20 years


The NBA draft will take place this week on Thursday, June 22nd. The top NBA draft prospect this year is Victor Wembanyama. He is anticipated to be selected first overall in the draft, helping the San Antonio Spurs win another title. Additionally, anticipated to be unbelievable talents in this year's draft are Scoot Henderson and Brandon Miller. These three and other young players might discover a path to championship success.

Let’s have a look at the past 20 years of NBA drafts and find out which one have won the most champions so far. Websites like NBA streams provides comprehensive coverage of all things related to the league. You can find information about players, teams, schedules, drafts, news, and updates directly from the official NBA streams.

Top 10 NBA Draft classes

10. 2016 - 7 titles

Patrick McCaw, a bench player, won three championships with the Toronto Raptors and Golden State Warriors by using his minor role. On the other hand, Jamal Murray won his first championship this year while playing for the Denver Nuggets, while Damian Jones has two.

9. 2005 – 8 victories

Andre Bogut received a championship as a Warrior. With the LA Lakers, fellow big man Andrew Bynum won two championships.

8. 2012 -10 titles

The class of 2012 was strong. Despite being selected late in the draft, Draymond Green helped the Warriors win four championships. After being traded to the Lakers, Anthony Davis won a championship in 2020. Khris Middleton played a major role in the Milwaukee Bucks' 2021 championship victory.

7. 2008-12 titles

There were nine champions in the draft class of 2008. Surprisingly, Javale McGee is in the top with three championships, two with the Warriors and one with the Lakers. Kevin Love won one with the Cleveland Cavaliers, while Mario Chalmers won two with the Miami Heat.

6. 2007-12 championships

From this class, eleven different players have won a championship. Although Kevin Durant finished second in 2007. He is unquestionably the best player in this class. Only he has won two championships with the Warriors. With the Denver Nuggets this year, Jeff Green also attained his goal of winning a championship.

5. 2006-12 championships

Eight members of this class received rings. Rajon Rondo won two championships with the Boston Celtics and LA Lakers, both of which have a long history. Jordan Farmar, Adam Morrison, and Shannon Brown each won two titles as role players. This season, Kyle Lowry lost in the Finals to the Heat, despite finally winning a championship with the Raptors.

4. 2011 - 14 championships

Kawhi Leonard is the star of this group thanks to his two titles with the Raptors and Spurs. Klay Thompson, who has won four titles with the Warriors, is another member of this class. In 2011, Kyrie Irving was selected first overall and led the Cavaliers to a championship.

3 . 2009 - 14 championships

Stephen Curry with his successful NBA trajectory was not the first choice to be selected in 2009. However, after winning four titles he marked another milestone and proved that NBA draft made a right choice. Additionally, amongst his other fellows who won several titles includes, Danny Green with three titles and, Spurs, Lakers, and Raptors.

2. 2004- 16 titles

The class leader with four rings, Andre Iguodala won as a Warrior. Besides, as a student in the class, JR Smith won two titles. And finally in 2020 season Dwight Howard's won first championship as a Laker.

1.2003-27 titles

Leading the illustrious 2003 draft class is LeBron James. James has won four championships with three different teams on his own. He runs with Dwyane Wade of the Heat, who graduated with the same class and has three career goals. In the class, Chris Bosh, James Jones, and Luke Walton were among the 15 players to win a championship.

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