Nikola Vucevic ejected after hitting LeBron James



LeBron James made his comeback on Sunday night for Los Angeles Lakers vs Chicago Bulls. The game marked his return after his injury.


The Lakers' outstanding performance has remained intact during his absence, winning seven of their last ten outings. Upon his return, during the game against the Bulls, James tried to enter the free throw lane for a layup when the Bull’s star, Nikola Vucevic, stretched his arm in defense, accidentally hitting James in the face. At first, it was ruled out as technical. However, after a discussion, it was concluded to be double-tech.   



The double foul led the Bull's star to be ejected from the game against the Lakers.   

Many fans, however, feel that the decision to eject Nikola was ridiculous as he was only trying to block the shot.  



Nikola took responsibility for his actions and stated after the game that Obviously, it was a bad decision by me to react the way I did in a game as important as this for us. I have to be better and control my emotions more in the moment. Agree or disagree with the call, whatever happens, it’s my mistake. I’m just glad my teammates came through and won the game for us. It makes me feel a little less bad about myself.