Who is the oldest NBA player? (All the time and active) 


NBA has been active since the past seventy-six years.  With more than forty-five hundred players who have been part of the NBA teams, it is a highly popular sport.  Moreover, back in 1948, Nat Hickey was a coach of the NBA team but he decided to showcase his potential on the field and is widely known in the history of NBA players as one of the oldest NBA players to exist. 

Top 10 of the oldest players of NBA 

10. Garrett Temple - 1986

Although some players are not thrilled to be labeled as the active oldest NBA player, however, Garrett Temple is more than glad to play the sport he has admired throughout his life. Additionally, he has played in eleven different teams in NBA and went internationally to Italy for the match. However, his journey has come to an end with New Orleans Pelicans. 

9. Goran Dragic - 1986

Goran Dragic is in his fifteenth season and was recognized as the most improved and polished player of the NBA between the years 2013-14. This season he will be playing with Chicago Bears and it will be interesting to find out whether Goran will be able to win the NBA championship title or will retire without owing on. 

8. Gorge Hill - 1986

Gorge Hill has played in thirteen playoff seasons and despite his fifteenth NBA season he yet has to win his first NBA championship title. Let’s see if Gorge will be able to win the title with the help of this year’s partner, Milwaukee.

7. Kyle Lowry – 1986

Kyle Lowry has played multiple franchises, mainly 4. In addition, he has been an all-star at least 6 times. However, Kyle is not running behind the ring since in the 2019 NBA Final he has already won. On the other hand, during his seventeenth NBA season for the Miami Heat, he will remain a fixture. 

6. Taj Gibson - 1985

While playing for USC Torjans or Miami Heats, Taj Gibson was widely recognized for his defensive line. It is famously quoted that once he was defending with the shoe in his hand and still managed to block the opponent.  It is an incredible example of why Gibson is still part of the NBA. 

5. Chris Paul - 1985

Being one of the oldest payers also means that one has the ability and technique to appropriately show his skillsets on the field. Similarly, Chris Paul assisted in the NBA football match held midst the 2021 and 2022 seasons. Moreover, currently,he is ready to make an entry in the Golden State Warriors championship. 

4. P.J. Tucker - 1985

P.J.Tucker was selected in the NBA in 2006. Prior to his selection, Tucker for next 5 years played in Italy, Ukraine, Germany, and Israel. Moreover, in 2021 he won the championship with the help of Milwaukee Bucks and currently, he is on his way to join Philadelphia 76ers. 

3. LeBron James -1984

LeBron is the 3rd active oldest NBA player. However, his strength and dedication seem to differ from the previous statement. Moreover, it is widely believed that James wants to play in the NBA until his sons also join the teams. Surprisingly, keeping in mind his skill sets, it is possible. 

2. Andre Iguodala – 1984

The Golden State’s player, Andre is the 2nd active oldest NBA player. Several fans and audience in general might remember him playing as a rookie in 2004 with Philadelphia 76ers. 

1. Udonis Haslem -1980

Udonis Haslem is the oldest NBA player. He has been part of Miami Heats and the next player in the list of older NBA players is 4-5 years younger than him. He has been an exceptional player throughout his journey however, due to age and policy factors he is no longer an active NBA player.
Haslem has played for over 5.7 hours in the last 6 seasons. Moreover, he has the potential to train other NBA players especially in Miami Heat by joining as a coach. Moreover, he has spent over twenty years of his career to this field and he deserves to at-least train other players as a valued senior. However, there is no positive response from Udonis Haslem side. Besides, the fans will no longer watch him playing after the 2023 season.