Projected Top 10 Pick in 2024 NBA Draft: Bronny James


The senior from Sierra Canyon and LeBron James's oldest child has a bright basketball career. Recent predictions see Bronny James among the top 10 picks in the 2024 NBA Draft. Many scouts have been keeping an eye on Bronny for some time. A report from the previous year stated that many college coaches believe he still has a long way to go before he is truly ready for the NBA.

ESPN's counterfeit draft generally assumes in any case, putting Bronny at the No. 10th spot for the Orlando Magic to select. ESPN believes that Bronny "has earned his spot in lottery conversations with the significant jump he has made at Sierra Canyon in Chatsworth, California, this season, developing into arguably the best perimeter defender in his high school class while making strides in his perimeter shooting and playmaking ability". Despite, the fact that the official 2024 draft is 16 months away.

Furthermore, Bronny appears to have grown in comparison to his peers, whereas many have merely plateaued in the past 12 to 18 months. Having said that, Bronny still needs to work on his ballhandling and pull-up jump to become a better shot-creator. As of now, Bronny is uncertain and is as yet searching for the right fit to start his school b-ball profession.

Investigate the best 10 picks in ESPN's 2024 draft

Based on the information known up until my most recent knowledge update in September 2021. Here is a hypothetical table with the expected top 10 picks for the 2024 NBA mock draught, including LeBron James' son, Bronny James.

Pick Team Player Team Position Age
1 San Antonio Spurs Matas Buzelis G League Ignite PG/SG 18.3
2 Charlotte Hornets Cody Williams Colorado PG/SG 18.2
3 Detroit Pistons Zaccharie Risacher ASVEL SF 17.8
4 Houston Rockets Justin Edwards Kentucky SG/SF 19.1
5 Chicago Bulls Isaiah Collier USC PG 18.3
6 Utah Jazz Ron Holland Texas SF/PF 17.6
7 Washington Wizards D.J. Wagner Kentucky PG/SG 17.8
8 Indiana Pacers Bilal Coulibaly Metropolitans 92 SG/SF 18.5
9 New Orleans Pelicans (via LA Lakers) Kwame Evans Oregon PF 18.5
10 Orlando Magic Bronny James Uncommitted PG/SG 18.3


Albeit the 2024 NBA draft is as yet 16 months away, groups are intently observing the development of the following year's class to perceive how future first-rounders are advancing. Additionally, how to esteem the picks they own. Jonathan Givony went through the beyond couple of months mismatching Europe. Sourcing the school b-ball positions and watching many secondary school games live and on film to get a refreshed glance at how the 2024 class is taking care of business.

NBA Team Representative

The NBA has relaxed rules on exploring secondary school players lately, making this class more completely explored than past classes. During the McDonald's All-American, Nike Hoop Summit, and Geico Nationals high school all-star games in March and April, this process will continue. The elite prospects in this year's high school senior class. A group that historically constitutes the backbone of the 2024 draft lottery, have disappointed NBA team representatives, they say. Most high school recruiting analysts don't agree on who the class's best prospects are, mainly because they don't think any of them are elite NBA prospects you'd expect to be at the top of their lists.

We currently have 14 high school seniors projected as one-and-done prospects in 2024. Which is significantly less than the 22 one-and-done freshmen selected in the NBA draft in 2022 and 2021, respectively. By correlation, this impending class at present has 25 limited time offer players projected to be picked in June (albeit some will probably choose for return to school). This has been viewed as a feeble approaching rookie class for quite a while. Yet, the supposition that was that rearrangements and slow developers would arise to steer the discussion, something that hasn't occurred hitherto.

Future prospects of NBA Draft:2025

Another concern that teams have is that the high school junior class, which will make up a large portion of the 2025 NBA draft, isn't shaping up as a banner group yet. This could be one reason why so many future picks have already changed hands. The greater part of the following year's first-round choices are now scheduled to be in another group's hands relying upon how pick securities unfurl. With bound to change hands this late spring and at the following year's exchange cutoff time.

The equivalent can be said about the freedoms to 2025 NBA draft first-round picks. Most of which have changed hands as of now in spite of that draft being almost 2½ years away. There will not be a "double draft" of the best high school and college prospects in the near future. This is because the NBA and players' union do not appear to be close to agreeing on the age limit.

Is Bronny a lottery pick ?

What then altered for Bronny? Jonathan Givony projects him to be a top-10 choice now because of the enormous improvement he made at Sierra Canyon.

  • In a recent ESPN mock draft, Bronny James' value rose dramatically.
  • He was predicted to go in the top 10 in the NBA Draft in 2024.
  • LeBron James stated his desire to compete in the NBA with his son.

The likelihood of LeBron James and his son Bronny James playing together in the NBA is increasing. According to a recent mock draught by ESPN, Bronny was expected to go in the top 10 picks in the 2024 NBA draught, going to the Orlando Magic as the 10th overall pick the following year. The 18-year-old, a senior at Sierra Canyon High School in Southern California, is the oldest of the four-time NBA champion's three children.

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