Top 8 NBA Playoff Future Bets to Consider Before Round 1 


NBA fans have been waiting for the 2023 NBA playoffs for so long. Now the wait is over, and playoffs are right at the corner.  Yes! It's NBA playoff time!  With the playoffs this near everyone is looking for the best future bets to make. Here are some conference futures, favorite NBA finals matchups and much more you should consider before round 1. Go to to watch all NBA games live.

Pick: Finals Winner: First-Time Champion 

Odds: +210 

In the Western Conference, four of the five top seeds have never won any NBA title. Warriors are the biggest threat in the West. They were 11-30 on the road this NBA season. In Eastern Conference, Nets is the only team without an NBA title in playoffs. If anyone from the Suns or Nuggets can make their place in the NBA Finals, it can create an exceptional hedging opportunity with any of the East teams coming to the Finals. Other than Bucks and Celtics, the Suns have the third-best odds to win the Larry O’Brien trophy. 

The Nuggets have not had much success in the postseason, but with a healthy line-up and the back-to-back MVP, they should not be +1100 to win it all. Grizzlies without Steven Adams and Brandon Clarke will take a lot of effort to make a deep run to finals. The Clippers can give the Suns a tough time if Paul George is healthy. There are many opportunities from Western Conference to get a first-time champion into the NBA finals.

Pick: Finals Winner: Pacific Division 

Odds: +190 

The Western Conference is relatively wide open as compared to the top-heavy East in this season. West has four teams that can make a legitimate title run. The Pacific is the current favorite to produce a Conference champion this NBA season. The Suns are the current betting favorite. But the other two teams, the Clippers and Kings, can surprise us in Round 1. If the Lakers beat the Grizzlies, three out of the four teams of Pacific will be in the playoffs.  If any of these teams make it to the Finals, it will provide us with the option of hedging with the Eastern Conference champion. The Lakers are the threat to the Pacific for the title run that can’t be ignored.  

Pick: Finals Winner: Eastern Conference  

Odds: –130 

All eyes are on the uncertainty in the West. Are the Nuggets a worthy No. 1-seed? Are the Suns the right betting favorite?  Could the Lakers or Warriors make a nice draw and make their way to the Finals? 

The most important thing is that, whatever team comes out of the conference with all the parity, almost always loses in the Finals. This is because the best teams are in the other conference, and that the Bucks, Suns, Grizzlies, Kings, Warriors, and Lakers all have elite championship-level defenses and are the best players in the world. They also have incredible shooting, depth, and the sting of last year’s defeat. The Sixers are a distant third best in the East, but they’re probably also third-best in the league. Any of the three teams from the East will be better than -130 favorites in the Finals. The Celtics are a level above the field. 

Pick: Denver Nuggets 

Odds: + 1100 

The Nuggets have been able to get the No. 1 seed of the Western conference at 8.33% implied probability. It makes Denver the most consistently good team in the NBA other than the Milwaukee Bucks. This discount is due to the Nuggets choosing to coast to finish their season, and they have handled the Warriors, Suns, Celtics, and Bucks throughout this season. Additionally, the Nuggets have begun to figure out solutions for their bench issues due to the emergence of Christian Braun and Peyton Watson late in the season. With Jokic in the lineup, the Nuggets have a +13.2 net-rating on the season, and they have gone 12-8 over their last 20 games, including an impressive 8-3 against winning teams over that same stretch. 

Pick: Golden State Warriors 

Odds: +950 

Warriors have drawn the Kings, and now they have the least experienced first-round opponent. In the Western Conference Finals, they would likely have a match against with either the Denver Nuggets or Phoenix Suns. Either of them would have just come out of a potentially knock-down match with the other. The Suns have nearly as many miles on their legs as the Warriors, so having to come through that is an even bigger deal. 

The top four teams in the East are going to fight in Rounds 2 and 3. The Warriors still seem to be the favorites to win another title, with the Lakers stronger than ever and the mighty Grizzlies line-up. 

Pick: Sun Vs. Celtics 

Odds: +650 

The Boston Celtics is the best team in the Eastern Conference, and they should be more favorites than the Milwaukee Bucks. Phoenix is undefeated with Kevin Durant. They were just lucky to get into a series vs. the Clippers without Paul George. The other side is a mash-up of teams that will either have to play Memphis, Golden State and the Lakers. The two teams should be 1 and 2 in title odds, with some opportunities for mid-series hedges in the conference finals. 

Pick: Milwaukee Bucks  

Odds: +125 

The Milwaukee Bucks are the class of the Eastern Conference and had the best record in the NBA at 58-24. This year, they have an easy 1 vs 8 first-round matchups. Then they played the winner of the Cavaliers-Knicks first-round matchup. They have a straightforward path to the Eastern Conference Final, which will likely be a rematch with the Celtics or another tough series vs the Philadelphia 76ers. The current offering of +125 to win the East will be long gone. It seems a boring bet yet but once we get to the finals of Conference, you'll be thankful you've got this wager in. 

Pick : LeBron James 

Odds +1500  

The Lakers have quietly built a nice resume since remaking their team at the trade deadline. Jarred Vanderbilt, D’Angelo Russell, and Malik Beasley have been the perfect fit, and Austin Reaves has broken out as the Lakers’ third-best player. LeBron James and Anthony Davis have a +5.5 Net Rating on the court together. Add either Reaves or Vanderbilt to that duo and the Net Rating leaps past +20. The Lakers have found the right stars, and the West is weak and wide open, and Los Angeles got a dream draw. If the Lakers get to the West, this ticket gives us multiple hedge options. 

If the Lakers win the West, it’ll be because LeBron  played like the MVP. With LA at +900 to win the West, +1500 for MVP is far too long a number for James here. Never miss any NBA game when you have