Understanding the Origins of Basketballs Premier League


The NBA stands for National Basketball Association, and it is the premier basketball league in the world. NBA has a global fanbase of millions. But what is the meaning behind NBA, and where did the NBA come from? Where to watch NBA live stream free? In this blog post, we will answer all these questions, and you will see the origins of the NBA and the meaning behind its name.

Origin of Basketball  

If we track the roots of basketball it takes us to Springfield, Massachusetts, where Basketball was first played in December 1891. The origin of basketball is truly American. The physical education instructor, Dr James Naismith invented the basketball. Naismith's task was to create a new game that players can play indoors to keep the YMCA athletes in shape during the winter months. He came up with a game that involved throwing a soccer ball into two peach baskets and the sport of basketball was born. Naismith made a game with a set of 13 rules. According to his rules, the first game of basketball was a 9 vs 9 contest.  Over the years the rules have changed and improved, which turned out to be what we know as modern-day basketball.  

Formation of FIBA  

The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) was founded in 1932 by representatives of the 8 national federations. It was instrumental in the inclusion of basketball in the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games. The U.S. national team won the first Olympic title, with Canada runner-up.

Origins of Basketball Premier League NBA

National Basketball League (NBL)

In the early years of basketball, there was no professional league. In colleges and local gyms, boys were playing this sport. However, soon the popularity of basketball started growing, so the idea of a professional basketball league came. In 1937, during the first attempt to create a professional basketball league, National Basketball League (NBL) came into being. The NBL was the first professional basketball league in the United States, and teams from the East Coast and Midwest took part in it.  

National Basketball Association

However, in 1949 during World War II, the NBL started to face financial difficulties. So, it was forced to merge with another league named the Basketball Association of America (BAA). The new league called as the National Basketball Association, or NBA came into being. It consisted of 17 teams across the United States. The graph of NBA popularity continued to grow in the 1950s and 1960s.  However, in the late 1970s, people started to lose interest in NBA. There was less court audience, and the television ratings dropped. In the 1980s, former university superstars Earvin Magic Johnson and Larry Bird changed the spirit of the game. They gave a new life to the NBA.  

The NBA has come a long way and has become the most significant professional basketball league globally. The NBA is famous for its talent, salaries, and level of competition. Today it is a multi-billion-dollar industry with 30 teams from across the United States and Canada. Some of the greatest basketball players who have played in the NBA, include Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Magic Johnson.  

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Basketball Court Dimensions and Markings  

To understand basketball, it’s important to know about the court’s layout.  

According to FIBA, the basketball court is rectangular, having a court area of 28m in length and 15m in width. All the international basketball competitions and Olympics follow FIBA guidelines. Moreover, the border markings along the breadth of the court and the length of the court are baselines and sidelines, respectively. The outer edge of the key parallel to the end line is the free-throw line. On the outer part of the free-throw line, there is a 3.6m diameter D or semi-circle drawn called the free-throw circle.  

Principles of the Basketball Game  

Each team consists of five players, including two guards, two forwards, and a center, usually the tallest man on the team. At the beginning of the game, the ball is put into play by a jump ball. The ball is thrown up at the center of the court, by the referee, between the opposing centers. When the ball descends, each center player tries to tap it to one of his teammates, who must remain outside the center circle until the ball touches the court.    Moreover, after each successful basket, the ball is put back into play by the scoring team. After non-shooting violations, the ball is given to the opposing team to be passed inside the court from a point decided by the officials. Players must pass or shoot the ball before taking two steps or start dribbling before taking their second step.   

Offence and Defense Strategies

The offense team uses one or two pivot players near the free throw area to receive passes, shoot, pass to teammates, and tip in the missed shots. All players are constantly moving to provide one player with a favorable shot, and one or more teammates always try to be in a position to tip in or rebound if that player misses the shot. The teams are using defense strategies like man-to-man and zone defense now. Well-coached teams can modify their offensive and defensive strategies according to the changing circumstances of the game. 

Rule Changes in NBA   

Modern basketball games are still played on Naismith’s five basic principles. The game requires a large but light ball, handled with the hands, no running with the ball in hands, no personal contact, no player being restricted from getting the ball during the game, and a horizontal but elevated goal.     Since the origin of basketball, the rules have changed over time, such as the widening of the free-throw line in 1951. Additionally, to increase the speed of the basketball game, a 24-second shot clock was introduced. In the 1979–1980 NBA season, to spread out the players, the three-point line rule was introduced.


Shortly, over time the NBA has gained so much popularity and has become more than just a basketball league. Particularly, is a cultural phenomenon and festival that basketball fans celebrate all around the world. It has a major impact on sports and society as a whole. Its name, National Basketball Association, reflects the league's origins as a group of basketball teams from across the United States. But today, the NBA has markedly become a global brand.

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